Creative ideas for your space

Sandy Cucci is a Certified Interior Decorator bringing professionalism and creativity to her clients’ design projects for 10+ years. She loves to share her cool design aesthetic on social media.

Meet Sandy

My experience in the interior design + fashion industries solidly supports me when consulting with my interior design clients. As my side-hustle, I work as the in-home designer with Covers Canada Kitchener, providing design expertise to my customers as I help them select custom window coverings for their windows. Sharing with my followers, and posting on instagram in something that I’m obsessed with.

Beauty and Function for your space

My Consultation services include: colour, space planning, window coverings, flooring, furniture, accessories, lighting. Please check out my cool design aesthetic on instagram

Let’s talk about your space

Listening to my clients and offering many ideas and solutions is what I do best. I often work with clients who are embarking on a renovation, and need overview planning input into their project before they begin. We talk about colour, flow, style choices and functionality to create a solid plan before they begin their project. Great design always starts with a well laid-out plan and eliminates extra expenditures, helping clients stay on design target and budget.


Let’s style your space. Barely use a room or area in your home? I’ll help you shop and style to bring fresh life and beauty to your rarely-used space, making it an important part of your home again. My clients LOVE this service.


Come shop with me. Have difficulty visualizing any potential for your space? Let’s go shopping together and I’ll help you purchase and style the items in your space to make it beautiful again.

Design Planning

Great design starts with a well-laid out plan. Designing your space takes time, energy, money and a good plan. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a fabulous space. Sandy will help you prioritize the most necessary items, and help you to begin one by one to work through the list to achieve an improved, fantastic interior.

Sandy Cucci Design

Founded in 2009 by myself, Sandy, I have been styling spaces for 10+ years, based in Waterloo, Ontario, and serving the surrounding cities.